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09 June 2006 @ 10:29 am
Not as dumb as I look...  
Yeah so I got my report card from school and I figured it wasn't gonna be that bad. It's not like I was watching the mail so I could steal it. But when I came home last night my mom was like here's your report card. And sure that seems normal to you all but my mom never just gives something, she always has something to say about it. And I look at it and I make the high honors.. again. AGAIN!!! Sure this isn't a bad thing. But I don't make high honors, honors on occasion but never high honors. And I made it twice! I know I'm just bitching about getting good grades but I thought I bombed all my finals... well guess not. Except for english which i got a D on it. Yeah, but seriously when am I gonna use THAT in real life? Anyway I wanted to vent and bitch, and well I guess I did that.

...and the whole Duncan syndrome disappered. All it took was a little Donut in Green eyed monster and Logan with no pants to get rid of that thing.
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Heather: angel smangel.tinka214 on June 10th, 2006 02:57 am (UTC)
Re: high honors?
Ehh what can you do? Im weird like that. I didnt ask to be smart... but no here i am making grades and what not. Its odd. And the only reason you have no brain is cause of all the drugs you do *sniff sniff* lol. Yeah get to Angelus and your good. At least to Innocence. Thats one of my favorite episodes. *drools over innocence angelus* And look i even have an angelus icon. *squee*